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Thinspiration: MaryKate Olsen
Thinspiration: Celebrities
Thinspiration: Celebrities 2
Thinspiration: Celebrities 3
Thinspiration: Celebrities 4
Thinspiration: Random
Thinspiration: Lindsay Lohan & Nicole Richie
Thinspiration: Lindsay Lohan
Thinspiration: Lindsay Lohan 2
Thinspiration: Nicole Richie
Thinspiration: Nicole Richie 2
Thinspiration: Bones

The websites below are interesting and have some useful tools that I like to use occasionally...

Anorexia Stories

Personally I find inspiration in reading the stories of others who have gone through eating disorders. You may be different, but if not, this site has some good stories.

How many calories in that food? Find out here.

A good website to find the calories in just about anything. Just type in what you are looking for and you'll get a list of items to choose from. I've always found it really helpful.

Calculate Your BMI

Calculate Your Body Fat %

CalorieKing Interactive Tools

This particular page on the CalorieKing website has a lot of cool and helpfull tools. There's exercise calculator where you can enter your weight and the amount of calories you want to burn and it will tell you how long of each exercise you have to do to burn that many calories. Its pretty neat...

These websites are other pro-ana sites that I find particularly insightful and helpful. Have a look for yourself...

Ana's Underground Grotto

Blue Dragonfly

Cerulean Butterfly


Obsessed Dragonfly

Pro-Ana Nation

If anyone knows of any other worthwhile websites please feel free to email me so I can post them here as well.


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