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This site is under major construction right now. Please pardon the partially unfinished pages and check back on all the pages for continued updates. I've been adding pictures to all the thinspiration pages, as well as creating even more thinspiration pages. Check the Coming Soon page also, to see what else is to come for the site.


This site is not about having a disease. It is not about being a victim of any kind. This site is about looking in the mirror and hating what you see.
Please note: Anorexia is NOT a diet. Bulimia is NOT a weight-loss plan. Eating disorders are serious and dangerous and they are not something you can catch or learn. This site does not, in any way, intend to encourage any person to travel down the road of eating disorders.
If your relationships with food and body image are already beyond "normal" no matter what you weigh, whether normal, under, or over weight, then this site is for you.
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It is my thinking that there is something out there that can only be described as Borderline Anorexia. I would define this as having the mental state of an anoretic (i.e. hating your body, wanting to see your bones, wishing you had the self control to restrict your calories, etc.) but not looking severely underweight.
I believe that there is also something that can be called Disordered Eating. This is when you cut out certain groups of food, like breads of fats or what have you, displaying anorexic behaviors, but you don't go so far as to not eat and maintain a normal, if low, weight. Or perhaps you throw up only occasionally, not bingeing, just eating a slightly larger meal and then feeling the need to rid yourself of it. 
If either or both of these things sound familiar to you, trust that you are not alone*. I feel the very same way and that is why I created this website.
*It has been brought to my attention the diagnosis of Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, or ED-NOS. The things I describe here on my site fall, to the best of my knowledge, under this category of eating disorders.

Last Update: 7 / 26 / 07

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